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Defriesemaatkast - luna 1

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Luna 1
artikel no: 1

While busy with the design of a beach cafe in Bloemendaal, a beach resort near The Hague, making sketch after sketch, my thoughts were drawn to cabinets.

In architecture, we have buildings and scale models; the first will be used eventually, the latter not. A cabinet can be seen as a hybrid of the two.

Luna 1

When God designed a cow for the Friesian landscape, he thought deeply. After all, he had a lot of experience.
He thought: I shall make her black-and-white, that is a good match with those green fields and blue sky.
Each of the various patterns in the black-and-white spots was very cow-like.
For the rugged outdoor life he invented a sturdy leather suit.
The shoes had to be simple and smooth, because of all the muck. Easy to clean.
The drink for the children was so plentiful that there was enough for the keepers as well.

But oh, God, registering all these different patterns in the studbook: nowadays we have bright yellow ear badges instead.
An extra set of clothes for in the barn and abroad.
An environmentally friendly colour would be a must.
And why would we need a dairy for custard, yoghurt and cheese?

No, a design like this is not up to date anymore.

Lovely, I feel like God in Cabinet-land.

The cabinet Luna1 can either be placed in a corner or free standing.
The cabinet can be made in a larger size for public places or company reception halls.
The prototype sizes are: 170 cm high and 82 cm wide.