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Defriesemaatkast - bombardino

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The name of this trolley cabinet came from a series of facts and associations, starting with the lid. The lid belongs to a dish for serving hot food. I imagine a long line of waiters revealing simultaneously and with expansive gesture the next course for the hundreds of dinner guests.

On the introduction photo of the web site I wear this lid as a helmet, protecting myself against bombardments and representing myself as a dish being served.

Thus, the sketch emerged of a trolley cabinet with a stratification and colour scheme that evokes thoughts of ice cream and sweets.

The history of Italian ice cream is curiously unclear about where the ice cream from cream, made from milk, sugar and eggs, was first served: at the English court or in Italy, by the legendary Procopio.

A thought mix of the cupola of Florence and the bombardment of London lead to the fantasy name Bombardon, which also turned out to be the name of a small tuba in a brass band. I made it sound more Italian: Bombardino. This also means: small, hornlike tuba, making you think of ice cream again.

The rigid English and flamboyant Italians have one unexpected thing in common: the romantic way of naming ice cream and paint colours. Italians call their ice cream limone, fraola, mora di rovo, lampone, pistacchio, cassata and use it to make sorbetto, gelato perfetto en bomba.
The English not only make fabulously coloured sweets, but also paint, like The Little Paint Company, with fantastic names: Jack-in-a-box, Bertie’s best, Desert Wind, Julie’s dream, Three legs, Twist and Cone.

When I assembled the trolley cabinet Bombardino, dizzy of all these loose ends, I discovered that Bombardino also means a certain type of Italian egg liquor.

Enjoy it, basta! Si, Bombardino, si, si.