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artikel no: 3

(vase and cabinet)

Ah... flowers. Thank you very much!
Have we got a vase for them?
Yes, but where?

The inspiration for this cabinet comes from simply looking for vases, but also from the beauty of greenhouses and especially old garden greenhouses.
The slightly loose glass, the lime covered windows mysteriously diffusing beautiful light on often long forgotten things.

The large vase is an integral part of the concept, like a chimney out of the greenhouse.

Architecturally it also reminds me of high buildings: the sky scrapers with their stunning glass facades hiding all sorts of spaces, like weird and wonderful panelled cowboy-styled interiors.

Inside and outside; beauty and dirt; poverty but mostly wealth.

The dimensions of the cabinet are:
(l x w x h) 50 x 52 x 152 cm.
The vase, 75 cm high, is part of the cabinet.
The loose, painted glass panes in the doors are interchangeable.