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Muurbloem 1
artikel no: 4

The literary name ‘Muurbloem’ (Wallflower) only applies to my unica art cabinets.
Under the trade mark MUURBLOEM, beautiful products from Utrecht are registered. Visit their website

And now my unique sisters Muurbloem1 and 2

An old knob
An old fashioned pattern
A wall to hang on
Glass, wood
Paint, a bolt

A hopeful little heap, really

She comes off the wall
Her knob is re-used
Some paint on her and
an old pattern renewed
How familiar she looks

her dimensions are not easy:
from floor to underside leg 45 cm
from floor to underside cabinet 100 cm
from floor to top cabinet 168 cm
total height from floor 210 cm
width x height cabinet 48 x 68 cm
cabinet from wall 28 cm

the 3 vases are included