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Defriesemaatkast - blau
artikel no: 7

The “Red/white vase” by Hella Jongerius, that I bought in the fabulous showroom of Tichelaar Potteries in Makkum, is the origin of the cabinet BLAU

This very special vase in fact does not need a cabinet, but by designing one I forced myself to have a closer look at it.

I see a white vase with a red coat, distinguished, masculine; but when I turn it upside down, I see a feminine red vase with a round belly and white foot and upper.
For me it is this juxtaposition that creates the tension.
The vase has three joints, only on the outside, and the red ‘glazing’ is so thin that it suggests just a coat of paint.
I think it is a wonderful vase and though it does not need a cabinet, it has been a challenge to create one for it.

It is ready.
Later on, I found more information on the website , explaining a lot about the glaze.

The interaction between vase and cabinet is vivid through the combination of triangular and round shapes. The cabinet as a receptacle for the safe keeping of items on one hand; a display for special items to be admired on the other or combination or variety of both.
The cabinet serves a purpose but is an independent object as well. For that, it uses the vase as an extra colour element.

Thus, the cabinet lovingly embraces the vase red/white and labels itself as BLAU.

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