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Defriesemaatkast - AH-fier

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artikel no: 8

‘Who’s original are you?’
a copy sang in choir.

‘My own, myself, up here,
I am in the light!’


The question that occupies me here is the contradiction between original and repetition. Within modern mass production, ‘custom building’ is a possibility, but this has nothing to do with originality.

‘Ah, 4!’ shows the relationship between Unique and Series. The little cabinet is for filing documents. The original can be laid under the glass top, the lower compartments are for the copies. Like them, the cabinet is black and white, which also stands for past and present.

Old objects often seem to have an air of originality around them and are used as an expression of individuality. Yet, often they have been mass produced.
The black turned leg, for instance, is a 19th century factory made item, whereas the body and the legs – styled like an animal’s hind legs – have been hand manufactured in my own studio.

Old book manuscripts literally show the hand of the author, by visible mistakes, corrections and stains. Here, the book as such as well as the content are original.
A modern word processor makes invisible corrections and alterations. The appearance of the text suggests a smooth writing process, disguising the struggle of the writer. Only the content is original.

‘Mind you,’ the original said,
‘I am not A4 at all.’
‘But now you are’ the copy said.