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Defriesemaatkast - momento

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artikel no: 11

The worn-out male orchestra brought memories of the words of Nabokov, that life is like a flash of light between two eternities of darkness.
But life as a dark struggle between two eternities of light was not unfamiliar to this orchestra either.

Momento-mori – that pair of words evoking more sadness than joy, though the latter is equally possible.
If I cut momento loose, every moment is central, a memory for ever that can be kept, as a thought or a tangible relic in a drawer or a showcase

I started this cabinet with the unfinished in mind: of Mozart, of Mondriaan and also of Rudi van de Wint in Den Helder. I realised that however appealing, the unfinished can never be made but has to originate in the inescapable end.
Whether I shall ever have an unfinished work is not up to me, time shall teach.