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Defriesemaatkast - codex-pieter

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artikel no: 6a

My brother has 1 book and still
He may be the smartest.

After Codex 1 and 2 , Codex 3 was ordered
in sharp and simple words.
The purpose of the cabinet is to either store 1 book or to show it, opened.
Courageous to leave it that concise,
In confidence of the previous cabinets.

Because I had already finished this years’ eleven cabinets
I took this as the dessert.
After the complex main courses the dessert
had to be simple and surprising.
I have said before that from the unique cabinets
designs may come forth that are suitable for series production.
This is the opportunity to prove it.

Codex 1 and 2 provide the elements: the cassette representing the book
and the heeling laying surface

The cabinet carries the name of the customer.

The cabinet is suitable for books in the size of 29 x 44 cm.
Until series production starts, hand made numbered originals will be offered for
€ 2350 including VAT. The book is not included.