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Defriesemaatkast - Dokter Dokter

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Dokter Dokter
artikel no: 3

After life long practitioner of sowing machines
the roles had changed.
Not anymore visited he the ladies
to explain the models or to
revise gear that got stuck
by grime and grease.

Sat thigh to thigh he had taught them to
pedal regularly to prevent backkick
and he had shared all their worries and
often a hand on the hand on the driving wheel
was enough to free the tears.

But the pedalling machines became obsolete
and the electricity did not spark
in the way he wanted it to.

Now the ladies came to him
to talk about their worries.
And though they said ‘Doctor Doctor’
he did not dare to go further,
but as comfort he kissed their foreheads
and said:
‘Magic magic, it’s not that tragic!’