“Defriesemaatkast” is the name of the collection of cabinets by Jan Pieter de Graaf from Harlingen The features of the cabinets show a past full of architecture, art and theatre.

Each year 11 cabinets are made, each of which a unique prototype with a genesis in own studio by seeking and manual process.Sometimes found objects become part or form the cabinets. These cabinets are unique. Sometimes prototypes are suitable to be repeated in some other form.For special locations, for instance reception halls of company or public buildings, also larger objects may be thought out and made.

Experts in ship types know that ‘Friesemaatkast’ is the name of a traditional type of ship in The Netherlands, just like Aak, Tjalk etc. The literal meaning of the word is ‘Cabinet of a specific Friesian size’ The word stimulates thoughts about Friesians, sizes and cabinets or Friesian cabinets made to size. But in fact it means that this Friesian artist defines the size, shape and construction of his cabinets himself.

Designing Cabinets.The making of the cabinets is my game and is without many rules.The concept often emerges from a part. The lid of the cabinet DoctorDoctor for instance is the top of an old treadle sewing-machine. Walking with it gave me the feeling of carrying a doctors bag. This association leads to the colours red and white, the red cross, the masculine upright position and the deep drawers.

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